Iranian Internet Censorship Report ONI

We at the ONI have just released our report on Internet Filtering in Iran (in PDF format). Although it was known before, our report confirms the use of the US commercial filtering product, Smartfilter. Our report allso reveals patterns of Internet content targeted for filtering, including opposition websites, some lesbian and gay sites, and a lot of blogs, especially those written in the Farsi language. Stay tuned for the fallout….

Newsforge article about ONI Advisory

Another one, from Newsforge, about the OpenNet Initiative Advisory on the IBB/Anonymizer we just released.

I must object to Lance Cotrell’s comments about Iranian monitoring and our analysis of the insecurity of the IBB/Anonymizer system.

Does anyone really believe the IBB and/or State Dept has intelligence “on the ground” that determines how and when Iranians and Iranian ISPs are monitoring email traffic??? You mean, like the intelligence on the ground in Iraq about WMD??