BBC The World Today and CBC The World at Six

There were two radio reports about various aspects of the Citizen Lab’s research and development activities yesterday.

Clark Boyd did a report about the OpenNet Initiative’s new book, Access Denied on BBC’s The World Today.

I have uploaded a version of that broadcast locally here

Additionally, Eli Glasner did a report on the use of our new psiphon service with respect to ongoing events in Tibet and elsewhere, for CBC’s The World at Six.

I have uploaded a version of that broadcast locally here as well.

Eli’s story is notable for, among other things, the participation of our friend and colleague from Privaterra Robert Guerra. And it looks like there is an online print version of the story here

CBC Search Engine, Nature, and Digital Nation

Some recent items on psiphon, the ONI’s new volume, Access Denied, and others to report:

I did an interview with Jesse Brown of CBC’s search engine on psiphon. The full interview, including Mike Hull’s psiphon theme song, is available here
(Note: The interview with me starts at 16 minutes, 15 seconds into the podcast).

Bruce Schneier wrote a review of the ONI’s new volume Access Denied in the recent issue of Nature. A pdf of the review can be downloaded here.

Lastly, I recently had the pleasure of appearing on The Digital Age with James Goodale. The full interview has been posted on google video here.

Netxplorateur Award for Psiphon at French Senate

Yesterday we at the psiphon project were delighted to be given the Grand Prix at the Netxplorateur Forum in the Senate of France.

From their website:
La Commission du Forum Netxplorateur a décerné son Grand Prix 2008 au professeur Ron Deibert, directeur du Citizen Lab à l’université de Toronto, pour Psiphon. Ce logiciel visant à contourner la censure sur Internet a été choisi parmi 100 initiatives Web et numériques du monde entier.

“Le but de Psiphon est d’honorer la promesse originale d’Internet comme un lieu de libre expression et d’accès universel aux informations,” commenta le Professeur Deibert, “Nous sommes honorés de recevoir une distinction aussi prestigieuse.

La censure du Net est devenu un problème mondial majeur : des dizaines de gouvernements bloquent l’accès aux sites d’information, des droits de l’homme et d’opposition politique, ainsi qu’aux nouvelles médias d’expression comme les blogs et les vidéos en streaming.”

Congratulations to the entire psiphon team!

Psiphon one of "Six Ideas that Will Change the World"

Published in Esquire Magazine

Esquire has listed psiphon as one of the best and brightest ideas of 2007, and included it among the “Six Ideas That Will Change the World.” Read about it here. Thanks to Mike, Anton, Eugene, Nart and all the Citizen Labbers who have worked on the psiphon project over the years.

Psiphon Pstops Pcensorship

Published in NOW Magazine
July 12 – 18, 2007

Toronto-developed software opens the Net to restricted surfers

In Saudi Arabia, net users can’t get access to websites of opposition groups. Jordan and Bahrain both briefly banned Google Earth, citing security concerns. The Chinese government doesn’t let netizens get to the BBC site in any language.

So what’s a curious Web surfer to do in these Net-filtering countries?
They should get to know a kind-hearted soul using Psiphon (, a software tool created by researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. By downloading this piece of software, someone in a free-thinking country like Canada can let a person in a restrictive society gain safe access to a portal to the uncensored Web.

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