About the Citizen Lab’s CatalanGate Report

The Citizen Lab’s latest research reported — called CatalanGate — has precipitated a major controversy in Spain about the widespread abuse of spyware and the apparent lack of oversight over Spain’s intelligence services.

 This week, the head of Spain’s CNI was dismissed from her post because of the fallout from our report. The European Parliament has also raised questions and has started an investigation into the surveillance of MEPs and others in Spain.

 Amidst these developments, we have observed persistent, misleading and false assertions and theories put forth about the Citizen Lab, our research, and our independence.

 A number of these questions were recently put to us in a letter by a group of Spanish MEPs. We are happy to respond that there is no basis for the concerns. 

Below, I have posted a copy of my letter that was sent on my behalf by the University of Toronto to Mr. Jordi Cañas, MEP.