Geolocational Filtering

We just released another Bulletin (007), this one examining the rather curious geolocation filtering by the official website.
It seems for security reasons they didn’t want these countries looking at their website.
Not sure anyone there would have wanted to look at it anyway, but if they did they could have just used the IP address instead. However, the practice of geolocational filtering is one we’re following closely.

ONI Bulletin on China's Filtering of Google

Our OpenNet Initiative project released a new bulletin today on China’s filtering of Google’s cache, how this affects using it as an ad hoc form of circumvention, and some other details related to backbone filtering on search engines.
The Wall Street Journal did a piece profiling (reg req’d) this and our previous Bulletin, as well as some research that colleagues of ours at Berkeley did on SMS messenging filters in China.
And now the Bulletin has been Slashdotted…..

Internet Content Filtering in India

Internet Content Filtering in India: Variations in Compliance and Accuracy

We have just released this bulletin on some recent Internet content filtering patterns in India. The collateral blocking of a terrorist website is definitely weird, but story here is the compliance issue.