Announcement: Greg Walton joins Citizen Lab as Senior SecDev Fellow

I am pleased to announce that Greg Walton will be joining the Citizen Lab.

Greg Walton is the senior security researcher for ONI Asia, and the first SecDev fellow at the Citizen Lab. He is a graduate of the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford (International Relations and Security Studies), and holds an MSc from the Computer Science Department, University of Sunderland (UK).

In the past Greg worked for a number of human rights organizations, and as a radio and TV journalist in Asia. He is the author of a seminal study analyzing China’s censorship and surveillance systems and the complicity of western corporations (Golden Shield).

In addition to his work for ONI Asia, Greg is also the editor of ONI’s sister project, the Information Warfare Monitor and the Chief Security Officer for the start-up Psiphon, heading up the “red cell” — responsible for penetration testing and security analysis.

Welcome Greg!