ONI Oxford Conference — Media Coverage

The first ONI woodstock is over. I had a very productive time, and particularly enjoyed the debate at the Oxford Union.

Here are a few selected media stories about the ONI’s reports:

International Herald Tribue

Sci-Tech Today

National Post

archived here locally


…and here is a separate news item in the Guardian UK on Murdoch’s moves into China with a special version of MySpace.

Additionaly, I did a recent interview with SAP Online on the psiphon project.

OpenNet Initiative Conference May 18th 2007 Oxford

The OpenNet Initiative is holding its first public conference to discuss the current state of play of Internet filtering worldwide. The conference will be hosted by the Oxford Internet Institute and held at the University of Oxford on May 18, 2007. The conference is free of charge and open to the public.

Results from the first global study of Internet filtering carried out by the OpenNet Initiative will be on the table for a day of discussion involving ICT development experts, speech and human rights advocates, journalists and bloggers, international laywers and scholars, and others interested in state responses to online information flows.

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IGF Forum Athens

I participated in the Internet Governance Forum today, on a panel with fellow panelists Ambassador David Gross of the United States, Julien Pain of Reporters Without Borders, Fred Tipson of Microsoft, and others. I was checking in through a videoconference connection, which made it a little difficult to hear what my fellow panelists were saying, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless. It appears that the event has been picked up by Associated Press, however, and so has been reprinted in numerous publications, such as here, here, and here.