Citizen Lab — a hacker "grow op"

Wired News has a story about the history of hacktivism and the cDc, with some mention of the Citizen Lab as a “hacker grow-op.”

Hacktivism and How It Got Here

Michelle Delio 07.14.04

NEW YORK — Hacktivism isn’t found in the graffiti on defaced Web pages, in e-mail viruses bearing political screeds or in smug take-downs of government or organizational networks.

These sorts of activities are nothing more than reverse censorship and “the same old cheap hacks elevated to political protest,” according to Cult of the Dead Cow member Oxblood Ruffin.
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Internet Content Filtering in India

Internet Content Filtering in India: Variations in Compliance and Accuracy

We have just released this bulletin on some recent Internet content filtering patterns in India. The collateral blocking of a terrorist website is definitely weird, but story here is the compliance issue.

Newsforge article about ONI Advisory

Another one, from Newsforge, about the OpenNet Initiative Advisory on the IBB/Anonymizer we just released.

I must object to Lance Cotrell’s comments about Iranian monitoring and our analysis of the insecurity of the IBB/Anonymizer system.

Does anyone really believe the IBB and/or State Dept has intelligence “on the ground” that determines how and when Iranians and Iranian ISPs are monitoring email traffic??? You mean, like the intelligence on the ground in Iraq about WMD??

Harvard Crimson story about the ONI

The Harvard Crimson wrote a story about the OpenNet Initiative featured here.

HLS Team To Study Internet Censorship

Researchers at Harvard Law School are gathering empirical data on the censorship of internet content and are using it to develop software that can subvert filters.A handful of professors at the Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, the University of Cambridge and the University of Toronto have dubbed their project, which hopes to map out the different methods of internet surveillance being used, the Open Net Initiative (ONI).

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