Psiphon Launch – Let the revolution begin!

Last night in Toronto, at the new Psiphon digs, we held our public launch of Psiphon Inc — the first company to be spun out of the Citizen Lab. Although Psiphon is spinning out, its relationship with the Citizen Lab is stronger than ever. We have developed a strategic partnership with Psiphon around Psi-LAB — which will be the home for research and development, red team threat modeling, and curation of all that is open source.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Psiphon service is the “right2know” nodes, where denied content can be pushed to users in censored jursidictions and users, in turn, can sign up for the psiphon service, or simply use the right2know nodes for free without subscription. Find out more here.

Thanks to Rafal, Nart, Mike, Jane, Dirk, Rod, Adam, Jeremy, Jaymz, Greg, Eugene, Vlad, and everyone else involved in the Psiphon project!