Russia-Georgia Cyberwar and Chinese Internet Censorship

Several projects that I am involved in are bubbling with activity right now. The Information Warfare Monitor Project has been going overtime monitoring the Russia-Georgia cyberwar. We are issuing notices and posting news items as we come across them, and intend on issuing a detailed report soon. Greg Walton, the editor of the IWMP, has been leading up the effort.

The OpenNet Initiative is also very actively involved in testing for Internet censorship in China with our researchers in field in several places. You can read about our findings at the ONI blog.

Lastly, the psiphon project is in the midst of vigorously developing version 2.0, which we hope to release in the next few months. As we are working on it, we are also actively involved in outreach with psiphon to ensure users in places like China and Georgia are able to access the Internet in an unfettered way.